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Southern Ethiopia President, Kalaa Million Matewos, The Sidama’s Only Son in EPRDF Shouldn’t Be Coerced to Resign by Any Power in Ethiopia!

SNLF Press Release 

20 August 2019

The Ethiopian empires’ southern regional president honourable kalaa Million Matewos is the only person in 28 years’ history for the first time who officially declared that the Sidama nation as a nation must be respected and the nation’s demand must be constitutionally addressed. He has stressed this as he took courageous stance which all his predecessors remotely thought to be the case. In the contrary, all his predecessors proved their 100% loyalty to the EPRDF’s brutal regime from the first one to his immediate predecessor as they cooperate with the regime that embarked on Sidama enslaving project since its inception. His father, kalaa Matewos Korisissa (whose burial place is not known to this date) has been murdered by the Derg’s unionist regime for defending the rights of the Sidama nation and that of the deprived majority in Ethiopia. His stance is therefore that of a principle as his father has done. His belief is that, the nations and peoples rights must be honoured as per the constitutional provision of the country. To this date what he is saying is this and saying it in a clear and civilised manner unlike his accusers who are embarked on terrorising Sidama civilians with military power by imprisoning and denying justice to the Sidama’s unlawfully incarcerated Ejjeetto since July 17, 2019.

Kalaa Million Matewos’s principled belief and determination as well as the Sidama’s unshakable unity has been extremely difficult to swallow for a hardliner Ethiopian unionists (exploiting our resources) who hide behind the pretext of unity as they plot their dirty games. Therefore, vilification of the Sidama people and few courageous leaders is becoming pervasive than ever. The PM and his surrogates have already removed the Sidama zone leader kalaa Qarree Cawwicha and Hawassa mayor kalaa Sukare Shudaa as part of PM’s and unionists’ Sidama disabling project. As part of these plots, furthermore, the enemies of the Sidama nation recruit surrogates from the enslaved south with unionists and PM’s closest advisers are working day and night to demonise the Sidama’s only person who has officially denounced Sidama enslaving project of the current regime. They are also advocating to create artificial identity to call all 56 nation of the south of Ethiopia with direction (South) as they oppose to the Sidama’s stride to become a regionally self-administrative nation (the rights that has been granted to 4 separate regions whose population combined is less than that of the Sidama). Using their Medias these groups are embarked on a full scale anti-Sidama project mobilised and coordinated by state apparatuses and hard-line unionists using the enslaved puppets as their invaluable tools.

There are also global dimensions added to the above. The Europeans, in particular the UK’s government, Americans and the others international key players that are working to create a new world order (NWO) are also working day and night to promote the agenda of denying nations rights to self-governance as their motto is creating valueless society that can easily obey their orders as they create consumer society who never question but buy their artificial produces. The UK ambassador to Ethiopia has been seen secretly advocating for the unitary government in Ethiopia whilst advising all to deny the Sidama nation’s rights to self-rule- as he claims ‘if Sidama becomes a regional state, Ethiopia will be disintegrated’, the very slogan unionists maliciously advocate.

Therefore, kalaa Million Matewos has been continually coerced to resign from his presidency for the regime to be able to install an obedient puppet such as the infamous quislings Dr Markos Tekle, Abraham Marshalo and various self-centred interest groups to work for the regime’s interest by ditching the nation’s demand. Kalaa Million is becoming scapegoat for all government masterminded ills in Sidama and wider south, thus putting all blames on him and the Sidama vibrant Ejjeetto whom PM’s brutal government put behind bars since July 17, 2019 after declaring state of emergency to put the Sidama land under martial law. There are also credible evidences stating the government and its unionist associates and global illuminates group are working hand in hand. The new PM has been baptised to receive new satanic spirit in January 2019 in Vatican where he has been given secret message to promote ‘New World Order’ under the leadership of Illuminati, Freemasonry and Bilderberg-the groups that dictate the rule and regulations on how global economy and religious dictations should work, how countries, nations and peoples behave and who to lead any country with grand objective of inculcating in the psyches of the generations anti-social behaviours to create unprincipled and valueless generation incapable of reasoning and articulating for the them to be able to rule over unquestioning and subdued majority.

Therefore, a vibrant generation like that of the Sidama Ejjeetto and Oromo Qeerroo are often portrayed as evil and subhuman although those who are accusing them fit to such descriptions. This is why these satanic freemasonry followers under the leadership of newly recruited agent the Ethiopia’s PM and old recruit G7’s former and current EZEMA leader are pulling anti-Sidama strings from behind the scene to coerce the only Sidama’s son to resign.

We wholly reject their dirty satanic plots. The Sidama nation has tolerated insufferable conditions under successive rulers of the country since 1890s. Yet the level and degree of suffering under this regime become beyond comprehension. Therefore, the Sidama nation demands the Ethiopian government to immediately stop coercing of the Sidama son to resign from his position. Those whom you may pick and install in Sidama land never have legitimacy- thus the nation fights for its rights with all possible opportunities and means as we have done all peacefully to be responded with live bullet and imprisonment. The Sidama nation has demonstrated its civility in various ways including peacefully demonstrating in their millions government’s delay in fixing date for Sidama referendum since February 2019 with no response. The international community, in particular the UK’s government must uphold the county’s principle in defending the rights of nations and peoples to self-governance- hence must refrain from secretly advocating for the Ethiopian unitary group to deny the Sidama nation of its rights to self-governance. The UK government must be aware of this reality and advice their ambassador to refrain from meddling in the internal affairs of the Sidama and wider Ethiopia.

We urge the Sidama people from corner to corner to stand by kalaa Million Matewos and demand united the Ethiopian government to unconditionally stop its coercion- instead allowing the rule of law to take its course. The Sidama cadres so called parliamentarians must show their support to the Sidama nation and its son by rejecting the PM’s, unionists and SPDM’s puppets plots against their own nation. Silence is enough. You must show your stance at this critical time in nation’s history under whose name you become pseudo-parliamentarians. We also demand the government to immediately release Sidama prisoners, remove its Sidama terrorising army from the Sidama land, stop scrambling over the Sidama land in Hawassa and fix the date for the Sidama referendum. We also sternly advice the Ethiopian government and its international conspirators that, violence never brings solution. There is no place on planet where violence has brought solution for socio-political and cultural injustice apart from breading further violence and insecurity.

Finally, kalaa Million Matewos must be left alone to navigate his nation through until the date of freedom and self-governance and the Sidama nation must stand by him by unconditionally rejecting the current coercion.