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The Sidama Liberation Movement (SLM) and Sidama National Liberation Front (SNLF) Agree to Work Together for the National Cause of Sidama

The SNLF and SLM Press Release

October 19, 2018

Hawassa, Sidama, Ethiopia

The leaders of both Sidama liberation organisationsmet to undertake thorough discussion on national cause of the nation on October 18, 2018 in Hawassa. The SNLF returned to Ethiopia on the 4th of October 2018 to be part of peaceful political process in Ethiopia as per the call of theEthiopian new Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed’. The leadership of both organisations thoroughly discussed that their objective is defending the national interest of the Sidama nation. Hence, agreement has been reached that working together is of paramount importance to achieve this objective.
In addition, both parties have conducted public engagement meetings at various levels throughout Sidama for the last two weeks. From the entire public engagements, we’ve observed that the public demand for working together is at the highest level ever witnessed in the political struggle of the Sidama nation. 
Cognizant of the degree of interest for a united action to enable the Sidama nation to achieve its objectives, both organisations agree to work together. We also understand that the current atmosphere of positive change in Sidama and the entire country is yearning for a united political movement capable of exerting meaningful pressure for a political reform. Therefore, we call upon all Sidama people includingpoliticians, intelligentsia
,business community, political parties, the youth and government officials to put their differences aside and work together to respond to the increasingly growing demand of the Sidama for a unity. Additionally, we also call upon all Ethiopians, the current change owners and supporters, lovers of peace, freedom and justice to continually work together by offering their unwavering support, whilst strongly objecting to the counterproductive actions of various elements working against the current aspirations to the reform.

The SLM and SNLF
Hawassa, Sidama, Ethiopia 
October 19, 2018