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SNLF Policies

Peaceful Resolution of Conflicts;

The Sidama Liberation Front strongly believes that peace, justice and democracy are milestones for stability and development for any society. Thus, SNLF maintains its commitment to peaceful resolution of the problems of the Sidama people with the Ethiopian regime. SNLF also perceives that the Sidamas and other oppressed peoples have unalienable right to exercise their objectives for self-determination. SNLF leaves its door open for dialogue whenever the Ethiopian regime is ready to discuss our differences.

On Armed Struggle;

Whenever peaceful mechanisms continue to be blocked, the Front sees armed struggle as other alternative means to achieve its goal: freedom, equality, justice and democracy in our society. In execution armed struggle it would target on the government’s coercive machinery, not the innocent civilian population.

On Minority Rights;

SNLF recognizes and respects the rights of minority nationals. Thus, any nationals who dwell in Sidamaland can perform any legal activities; they can vote and can contest for office provided that they have desire to be part (member) of the Sidama nation, and respect the Sidama culture and language.

 On Religion; 

Although Christianity seems predominant religion, the Sidama’s traditional religion is widely practised, and on third place there follows significant number of Islam in the Sidamaland. Recognizing diversity of faith, SLF respects religious equality of all and follows secular policy in the Sidamaland.

External Relations and Solidarity;

The Sidama Liberation Front strives to forge good relations based on equal recognizance, through voluntary co-operation on mutually desirable goals. The front co-operates with other oppressed peoples and their political organizations that struggle for similar objectives, and with others who understand our causes.