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Ogaden National Liberation Front, Oromo Liberation Front and Sidama Liberation Front Alliance for Peace, Democracy and the right of Choice
Joint Statement regarding the Fake Election in Ethiopia
May 25, 2015

Sidama, Oromo and Ogaden

The Ogaden National Liberation Front, The Oromo Liberation Front and the Sidama Liberation Front categorically state that the so called elections held in Ethiopia on May 24, 2015, was not an expression of the democratic will of the all the peoples in Ethiopia. All Nations in Ethiopia were bullied and coerced into participating and electing specially selected candidates from the ruling party- EPRDF. Furthermore, in order to ensure that no “rogue voter” chose to disobey the ruling party edicts, the regime made sure that party operatives solely controlled the polling stations in all regional states, such as Ogaden, Oromia, Sidama and other rural communities. Read the full text here...

13 year Anniversary of Looqqe Massacre of 2002 is remembered across the globe by Sidamas and peace loving international community
May 24, 2015

Looqqe Demonstration

On May 24, 2002, the EPRDF\TPLF rapid response army without provocation slaughtered unarmed and peacefully demonstrating Sidama civilians in Looqqe village, a few kilometers from Hawassa town. Lives of many innocent Sidamas cut short with heart breaking cruelty. Even though a decade has passed, pain and misery are still fresh not only for victims’ families but for the whole sidama public. Read the full text here...

The EU parliament members, SLF and other Ethiopian opposition leaders held a conference on upcoming Ethiopian election


On April 23, 2015, members of EU parliament and Ethiopian opposition leaders including SLF have convened a high level conference entitled ‘Cartoon Democracy - Authoritarian Rule and Election’ at the European Parliament in Brussels. The vice chairman of SLF, Betana Hamano, has made a speech by analyzing past and current political climate in Ethiopia generally and in Sidama particularly that is leading to the upcoming election. Read the full text here...

The Sidama Owned Small Businesses on Fire in Hawassa
Press Statement by United Sidama Parties for Freedom and Justice
February 24, 2014

It’s with deepest sadness that the United Sidama Parities for Freedom and Justice (USPFJ) express its hear felt condolences for the Sidama small scale business owners in Hawassa city New market place ‘ Addis Gebeya’ for loss of lives and property. The source of the fire has not yet been confirmed.

The incident took place on 21 February 2015 at 7 pm local time. The Fire has been left on to burn for over 2 hours. The Sidama business community who have set up these new businesses in this particular place over a decade ago had registered their plots of lands as they have been pushed away far from the city centre to give room for investors from other parts of the country.
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SIDAMA LIBERATION FRONT Stance on the Upcoming Election in Ethiopia
February, 2015

In countries, like Ethiopia where the deceased cast ballots from the grave and TPLF members can register fake names all over the voting centers across the country, it is astonishing why people even bother to vote? Why people waste their times and resources to cast their votes that will disappear into thin air at the end of voting day? The only outcome of Ethiopian election is publicity for the regime as if there is legitimate of election process, while the reality is harassment, arrest, poisoning, and even murdering opposition candidates and members.
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HRW Accuses Ethiopia of Journalist Crackdown Ahead of Elections
January 22, 2015

A new report by Human Rights Watch accuses the Ethiopia's government of systematically cracking down on media ahead of the May 2015 elections. The report, released Thursday, details how Ethiopia has restricted independent reporting since 2010. Researcher Felix Horne says there are patterns of government abuses against independent journalists.

“After articles are written, harassment comes from government officials, security officials and cadres in the form of threatening phone calls and SMS messages [text messages] and in person visits trying to get the individual to tone down the writings to comply with government perspectives on different issues," Horne notes. "The next level is threats and harassment against family members, quite often arbitrary detention to intimidate and to pressure the journalist into censoring their writings. If that doesn’t work, the next step seems to involve criminal charges.”
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Badesa Fokora, a Sidama man dies over no treatment rule in South Africa
By Lawyers for Human Rights
November 24, 2014

Ethiopian refugee Badesa Fokora has died in a Johannesburg hospital after suffering double kidney failure and being refused treatment for it, despite the fact that he had been lying in a hospital bed for a month. Although doctors at Helen Joseph Hospital in Johannesburg were aware of his life-threatening condition, they refused him treatment on the basis that he was not a South Africa citizen.

Fokora was told that as a non-South African, he did not qualify for a place on the hospital’s chronic renal treatment programme, which involves dialysis and an organ transplant. The hospital refused to treat him even after Fokora’s family said that they would contribute to the costs of the treatment.
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Press Release by Gambella Nilotes United Movement
October 24, 2014

Gambella Nilotes United Movement (GNUM) strongly condemns the Ethiopian government’s ethnic cleansing plans and act by creating conflict between highlanders and the indigenous people of Gambella. The massacre of Mezenger tribe since September 11/2014 is increasingly spreading to all villages of Godere zone by criminal and illegal highlanders supported by EPRDF national defence forces. Along the border between Gurafarda District (SNNPR of Ethiopia) and Godere District of Gambella all Mezenger villages were destroyed by Ethiopian National Defence following the campaign of the government to eliminate all Mezenger people from their ancestral land.
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The Sidama Nation Across the Globe Mark 11th Year Anniversary of Looqqe Massacre

On a very bright morning in Sidama land, on May 24, 2002, between 10:30 and 11:00am local time; the Sidama people of all walks of life staged on a peaceful and non-violent Demonstration after fully exhausting the constitutional requirements that is needed to undertake such an activity. Carrying the leaves of trees and Ethiopian flags, the demonstrators peacefully started to march towards their capital city, Hawassa which is located at the distance of about 3 km from where they have been planning to hold the said peaceful demonstration when they were encountered with deliberately targeted barbaric acts after they have nearly travelled about a kilometre from the point they were gathering.
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The Sidama Liberation Movement (SLM) Withdraws from the Ethiopian Local Elections amid Widespread Rights Abuses!
Press Release by United Sidama Parties for Freedom and Justice (USPFJ)

April 14 2013-The 14 April 2013 local government elections in Ethiopia have been marred by widespread abuses of the representatives and supporters of the Sidama Liberation Movement (SLM), which remains the main opposition political movement in the Sidama region. The SLM accuses the regional and Sidama EPRDF cadres of continued intimidation, harassment and persecution of its representatives and supporters during the period leading up to the elections.

The SLM members in all 19 districts of the Sidama administration who were nominated to contest in the stated elections have often been arrested and imprisoned for prolonged period of time to intimidate them and deter them from contesting the elections. The elected SLM representatives were barred from freely campaigning in the Sidama region. To the astonishment of the Sidama people and in an outright contempt to any democratic principles, Duka’le Lamisso, the Vice Chairperson of the Sidama Liberation Movement continues to languish in EPRDF jail in Hawassa. The hope for his release to campaign for the local elections was dashed as the EPRDF regime chose to unleash further crackdown on the remaining elected officials of the movement. Read the full press release by clicking here....


Ms. Kebebush Kawisso,former member of Ethiopian parliament and recently defected to US, has conducted an interview with Addis Dimts radio.Click here to listen the interview. or visit here Addis Dimits radio broadcast on 2/23/2013

Ethiopia’s Upcoming Local Elections Unlikely to be Free and Fair!
Press Release by United Sidama Parties for Freedom and Justice (USPFJ)

February 12 2013-...The Ethiopian government has failed in various occasions to abide by the very constitution it has promulgated and ratified. It chops and changes numerous legislations within 24 hours to incriminate civilians under various pretexts including the current anti-terror law which was created to curtail freedom of expression.

Based on these incontestable and irrefutable facts, we don’t believe that this regime has transformed itself from bestiality to genuine democracy to accept the rule of law as supreme in the country. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the required level playing filed will be created this time for all political parties to contest the elections freely. Read Full Statement Here....

Member of Ethiopian Parliament Defects to US

February 10, 2013-A member of Ethiopia ruling party, Ms. Kebebush Kawisso, has defected to US and is currently seeking political asylum, according to our sources. She was the representative of Sidama people’s democratic organization (SPDO), an organization that EPRDF created and uses to suppress the democratic aspirations of Sidama people. Sources disclosed that, ongoing atrocities against Sidama people led to her decision to defect in protest.

Her defection comes in the midst of ever increasing miseries launched against Sidama people by Tigeans controlled Ethiopian government. It's recalled that Sidamas who have spoken up against injustice have been labeled as opposition sympathizers and thrown into jails. Many perished in the hands of EPRDF and many more forced to flee the country.

Her decision to abandon the EPRDF might be considered as deteriorating situation even after the death of dictator, Zenaw.

       December 20, 2012

An Appeal Letter of Sidama Diaspora Community to International Community Regarding Series Human Rights Violations in Sidama

“…Paradoxically, in Ethiopia under this very regime, a regional self-administration is granted to other nations whose populations are 16 times fewer than the Sidama’s. When the Sidama people voiced the same legitimate demand for regional self-administration on May 24, 2002, the regime responded by massacring confirmed 70 unarmed civilians and wounding over one thousand in Loqqe village, Hawassa”.

“..Instead of addressing the constitutional demand of the Sidama people for regional self-administration, the current Ethiopian government continues to violate fundamental rights of the people to freedom of expression, politico-economic autonomy, freedom of choices and assembly”.
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Sidaamunna Oromote Wedellooti Uurrinshi Xawishsha
(Sidama and Oromo Youth Movement Joint Communiqué)- October 27, 2012

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The New Ethiopian Prime Minster ‘Hailemariam Desalegn’ Must Respect Sidama people’s Constitutional Rights to Regional Self Administration!!!
Press Release by United Sidama Parties for Freedom and Justice (USPFJ)

October 11 2012-The Sidama nation endured various forms and shapes of injustices imposed on them by the successive Ethiopian rulers including the current TPLF/EPRDF’s regime. The injustices the Sidama nation is exposed to involve an economic and political marginalization, socio-cultural subjugation and gross violations of their fundamental rights.

Even though the Sidama nation owns one of the richest regions in the country, its people are subjected to a persistent government induced poverty that had chronologically deepened from time to time. Sidama’s development institutions are dismantled or made to serve politicians. Its people don’t have representation from federal to the levels of farmers associations. Unemployment and diseases are rampant as is all round deprivation. The government apparatuses in Sidama are accountable to the ruling party instead of to the people.Read Full Statement Here....

United Sidama Parties for Freedom and Justice (USPFJ) Message to Newly Appointed Ethiopian Prime Minster

September 25 2012-Ethiopia's newly-appointed Prime Minister, Mr. Hailemariam Desalegne, was sworn in on September 21st 2012 in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. Mixed opinions and reactions are pouring in from Ethiopians of all walks of life within the country and from the Diaspora. Numerous Ethiopians believe that, if the new PM takes the decision to be brave enough to think and act as a mature politician whose personal interest is put aside for the interest of the majority in the country, then there will be hope for all Ethiopians. He has before him the opportunity of establishing institutions that safeguard genuine democracy, freedom of expression and an independent system that accommodates and learns from divergent political opinions that will guarantee a respect for people's rights to hopes and opinions both individually and collectively, and which will guarantee that his name be well-remembered.
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Human Rights Violations in Sidama Escalating

August 31 2012-Arrest and abduction have been commonplace occurrences in Sidamaland and it has been worsened since last June when Sidama public pressed the demand of regional Self adminstration right. Since then, many innocent Sidamas are languishing in jails illegally and whereabouts of many are unknown. Fabricated charges are used against those who are imprisoned as means to lock them up indefinitely. For instance, Ougamo Hanaga, who is an employee of Save the Children Awassa branch, made the following comment on facebook about the ordeal of innocent Sidamas and he was arrested few days later. He then charged with terrorism under the country's antiterrorism law without hard evidence that links him to terrorism.

TPLF/EPRDF's Regime Must Stop Terrorizing Sidamas!
Press Release United Sidama Parties for Freedom and Justice (USPFJ)

August 23 2012- ...One of the regime's main architects in ordering the massacre of the Sidama civilians who were claiming their constitutional rights to regional self administration on May 24, 2002 (HaileMariam Desalegn-former foreign minister and deputy PM) who's promoted to a higher authority as he temporarily replaces the late PM Meles Zenawi. Mr Desalegn ordered the death of over 100 Sidama civilians for which he as well as others who are involved in the stage management of the Loqqe massacre of Sidama civilians aren't brought to justice...Read Full Statement Here....

SLF Statement on the Death of Meles Zenawi

August 22 2012-The 21 years of Meles Zenawi’s rule were continuation of brutalization and suffering of Sidamas people that have even worsened during his iron-fisted rule.

Now, Meles is gone, but the system he championed has continued preying on Sidama innocents. Even, as he was fighting for his life at undisclosed location, hundreds of Sidamas were unlawfully arrested and thrown into jails. The army that was deployed throughout the Sidama has continued intimidation and terrorizing Sidama people. The former president of South Nation Nationalities and People Regional Government and possible successor of Meles Zenawi, Hailemariam Desalegn, is the main architect of Loqqe massacre, one of worst atrocities ever committed on sidama soil. He is also behind ill-devised policies that targeted Sidama for past 10 years
Read Full Statement Here....

Urgent Message from United Sidama Parties for Justice and Freedom (USPJF) to all Sidamas living in Sidama-land as Well as in the Diaspora

August 20 2012-We, the Sidama people, have never gone beyond our boundaries to cause trouble to anyone. We have lived with our neighbors peacefully and harmoniously for centuries. However, others have arrived at our door-step time and time again and tried to subdue the will of our people. Starting from Minelik II, who invaded Sidama-land with help of aid weapons acquired from Europe and forcefully annexed into the larger empire of Ethiopia, to TPLF’s decayed and fading regime, our people have endured socio-cultural, economic and political repressions. However, there was no time that Sidama people bowed and accepted injustices on its own soil. Among the repressors, Sidama people found that the TPLF/EPRDF regime is by far worse off its predecessors.
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The Ethiopian Government Intensifies Human Rights Violations by Arresting Innocent Sidama Civilians Following the Fiche Celebration

Challenges Ahead as Sidama Nation Marks New Year‐Fiche

August 14 2012-Today marks Fiche, the sidama new year, which has been celebrated by Sidama people for thousands of years. Fiche is major cultural event of the year for the sidama people. Sidama nation is one of few nations in the world to have developed its own calendar. As lunar calendar is used to determine exact date, the fiche changes from year to year. Tomorrow will be ‘Chambala’ day and series of celebration events will continue there after that lasts for about a month.

As it has done for past several years, Sidamas are celebrating this year’s Fiche in the midst of challenges that have been facing the nation. Among other things, Sidama people are denied fundamental rights by ruling EPRDF/TPLF party. Justice has not been served for the lives that were taken by the assassins of this brutal regime. Self administration that is granted to others is denied to Sidamas.
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Meles's Regime Persistently Violates Sidama People's Fundamental Rights

Press Release by United Sidama Parties for Freedom and Justice (USPFJ)

Augest 2 2012-From the very beginning, Zenaw's TPLF/EPRDF regime remained persistently & systematically violating Sidama people's fundamental right to political, economic and socio-cultural freedom and liberty. The relative autonomy that is nominally granted to others Ethiopian nations and nationalities such as regional self administration remains conspicuously contentious in Sidama land since the regime assumed power militarily toppling Mengistu Hailmariam's military junta in June 1991.
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Declaration: The Peoples' Alliance for Freedom and Democracy

(OLF, ONLF, SLF and some candidates of AFD)

July 25 2012-The aforementioned peoples' alliances of Ogaden Somalis, Oromo, Sidama and the new candidates of AFD: After deliberating on the current situation in Ethiopia and carefully observing the level of struggle against the current regime and the apparent confusion created by the sudden disappearance of Meles Zenawi, the "strong man" ruling Ethiopia for the past twenty one years;

Being apprehensive of the current regimes attempts to delude the peoples in Ethiopia regarding Zenawi's fate and their attempt to maintain the status quo in order to continue their ruthless suppression of all peoples in Ethiopia;

After considering, the current disarray and lack of political will of some opposition groups to embrace the political and social changes that Ethiopia has undergone in the last forty years and their archaic adherence to political precepts that are no longer tenable in the 21 century such as negating the rights of nations in Ethiopia to self-determination;

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United Sidama Parties for Freedom and Justice (USPFJ) Statement on Current Situation in Sidama

July 23 2012 (SLF)-Woyane, neglecting the narration it had played upon on its way to power, started hatching evil plans for Sidama people on the day they stepped into Addis Ababa palace. Their first plan was to get rid of prominent Sidama human rights defenders and likely opponents of their subsequent plans. For example, they recruited Ejigu G/Michael, an ethnic Tigre, born and raised in Sidama, who subsequently was given higher authority in Sidama and started implementing their agenda. He stealthily orchestrated series of murders including that of Fiissa Fichcho, a Sidama war veteran, and other prominent Sidamas. Woyane also bribed and was able to recruit few corrupt individuals to quash struggle of Sidama for freedom and justice, who then tried to turn in interests of Sidama people for personal gains.
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The Sidama People Press ahead with their Demand for Regional Self Administration

United Sidama Parties for Freedom and Justice (USPFJ) Press Release

June 30 2012 -After overthrowing the military regime on May 28, 1991, EPRDF adopted Proclamation No.7/1992‘[page6]’ that sought to devolve state power to territorially based ethno-linguistic groups with the aim of “ensuring” the right of nations, nationalities and peoples to self-determination and “ensure” the preservation of their language, culture and histories. The Proclamation established fourteen national/regional self-governments and identified the ethnic communities inhabiting each of the regions, with the exception of that of the capital city, Addis Ababa. The five of the fourteen national/regional self-governments included regions 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 comprising about 56 nations and nationalities that inhabit Southern Ethiopia today.Read the Full Statement...

The Oromo and Sidama Peoples' Historical and Neighbourly Relation Cannot Be Dented by the TPLF Plots

SLF and OLF Joint Press Release

June 29 2012 -The Tigrian Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) regime has relentlessly pursued the 'divide and rule' policy to prolong its grip on power. The regime has initiated conflict between different nations, nationalities and peoples at different times and places, since it came to power, causing destruction of thousands of lives and millions of dollars worth properties.

This anti peace and brutal regime, pursuant to its standing policy, has been engaged in overtly and covertly instigating conflict between the Oromo and the Sidama peoples. Accordingly it has managed to instigate conflict in the district of Riimaa Dhaadessaa between the Oromo people in Ajje sub-zone of Arsi Zone and the Sidama people in Hawasa subzone of Sidama Zone. Loss of lives and property has been reported due to this conflict initiated by the agents of the regime on both sides.

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Ethiopian Regime Resumes Another Massacre of Sidama People: 2 dead, 7 wounded

June 20 2012 (SLF)- While the Sidama people are remembering victims of Loqqe massacre on the 10th year anniversary, the regime has started another wave of killings of innocent Sidama people in Chuko area. The killing took place when students and other Sidama people were staging demonstration to demand answer about the plan to control Hawaasa city by the Federal government. According to our sources from the area, 2 people were reported dead; one a business person and the other is a farmer. Seven others were wounded. A teenage girl that critically wounded is being treated at Yirgalem hospital.

There is no denying that the Ethiopian regime always responds with brutal force to any peaceful quest instead of listening and understanding what people want. 10 years ago, over 100 Sidama people were massacred when peacefully demonstrating to request the government of their basic human rights.

The Ethiopian regime and its affiliates have already controlled most resources of Sidama while countless Sidama people are receiving food aid. Recently the regime started a plot to displace Sidama administration from Hawaasa city to systematically marginalize the Sidama people on its land and the people from all walks of life have been expressing their disappointment.

Human Rights Situation in Ethiopia in General, in Sidama Particular

March 2012 (SLF)-To understand human rights condition in today’s Ethiopia, It is important to revisit the history and investigate the prevailing system in the country. Genuine human rights did not exist in Ethiopia since its formation in the last quarter of the 19th century as all regimes conducted slightly in different forms of control on its subjects grossly violating human rights. Read More..

The Loqqe Massacre: Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

February 2012 (SLF)-10 years have passed since innocent Sidama civilians were massacred, and not only the victim’s loved ones, but all Sidama people have been seeking justice be served. As the 10th year anniversary of the massacre draws to close it is make or break time for Sidama people at home and abroad to come together and deliver on this. Read More..

A United Struggle against the Common Enemy is timely Question

May 2011(SLF)-It is a self-evident truth that all human beings and people are created free and equal. There are no people created to be enslaved. All human beings and people are endowed with freedom. None the less, it is also a fact that our human world is full of contradictions and struggles. In our human societies, some are enriching themselves at the expense of the others. Some are deprived of liberty and livelihood and impoverished. Some are leading a life of extravagance while others are starving. Some are dignified and while others are humiliated. Some are being subjected to extinction to allow others to live. All these are happening to humanity due to human greed and selfishness. In our world, a struggle is continuously waged for the success of one people at the expense of and/or for the deprivation of the other people. The human greed and selfishness is also continuing to be the cause for war between nations and peoples, for poverty and starvation, disease and backwardness. Humanity not only deserves a better relationship but also is capable of establishing a relationship based on mutual interest and respect.Read More...

TPLF Incited Violence Never Threaten the Unity of Oromo and Sidama People

May 2011(SLF)-Since TPLF assumed power with barrel of gun twenty years ago, it has continued committing most vicious and heinous crimes perpetrated against humanity, instead of liberating the country from chronic poverty, famine and underdevelopment.  The regime also has failed to learn from history that its demise is imminent.

The Sidama people have been target of such evil policy. Time and again, the regime has worked relentlessly to induce polarization, hate, violence, and ethnic strife among Sidama people. It has also tried this policy with neighboring people who have been lived in harmony for centuries. In many occasions, TPLF incited violence has claimed lives of many innocent people.

The recent conflict between Sidama and Oromo people at ‘Wondo Genet’ area that claimed many lives from both sides is typical example. TPLF has incited violence between Oromo and Sidama people so many times before and failed to achieve its goals. After all, the regime knows well the historic partnership that existed between these people and how dangerous their unity can be for the regime, as one can imagine.

We believe the Sidama and Oromo people understand well who is behind these conflicts and also know the regime is only one who benefits from such acts. Both people have lived peacefully for centuries side by side and have traditional way of resolving their conflict peacefully whenever they occur. SLF strongly urge both sides to resolve their issues peacefully and rather they should join hand in hand to over throw their common enemy.

SLF Statement on OLF's agreement  to resolve differences

September 2010 (SLF)-The OLF’s announcement on September 27, 2010 that the party has agreed to resolve its internal differences is not only good news for Oromo people, but also for Sidama people and others regardless of their ethnic background who have no choice but suffer at hands of brutal TPLF regime.More...

Government Should Free All Political Prisoners

September 2010 (HRW)-The Ethiopian government’s release on October 6, 2010, of detained opposition leader Birtukan Midekssa should pave the way for freeing others it is holding unlawfully, Human Rights Watch said today.More...

The Sidama Nation Celebrates its New Year, ’Fichchee’

September 06 2010 (SLF)-The celebration of  Fichchee, Sidama’s New Year, has been started in style in the Sidama land and around world today in the eve of New Year’s Day,  that will be followed by ‘Chambalaalla’ celebration in the New Year’s Day. More...  

Ethiopia faces era of one-party rule

August 2010 (VOA)-Ethiopia's 2010 election all but wiped out the country's once vibrant political opposition.  This means that Ethiopia faces the prospect of one-party rule for the foreseeable future.More...

Rights worsening in aid darling Ethiopia

August 2010 (Los Angeles Times)-The U.S. gives about $1 billion annually to Ethiopia. But even as U.S. and other international aid has surged in the last decade, activists charge that the government has become more authoritarian.More...

OLF'S call for alliance is meaningfull and timely

July 2010-The national council of OLF has held its regular session this month. After deliberating on wide range of issues it issued a resolutions wherein it calls upon all forces, who oppose the tyrannical minority rule, to rise up in unison as there is no option left. (Read the full content of the resolutions...).

The Sidama people, as Oromo people, have endured never-ending  oppressions and gross human rights violations on their own soil by TPLF  regime. The May election has proved that the regime is rather tightening its grip on authoritarian control and closing all available doors to peaceful resolutions. Therefore, SLF supports OLF's resolutions and also calls upon other organizations to join this important call for justice, democracy, freedom and liberty.

Ethiopians protest leader’s visit to G20

June 25 2010 (The record)-Several hundreds of protesters on saturday protested Zenaw's visit to G20 summit in Canada.More....

Ethiopia Expels U.S. Journalist for Probing Civilian Deaths

June 19 2010 (Bloomberg) -- Ethiopia expelled an American journalist working for the U.S.-owned Voice of America radio service after detaining her for reporting claims by a rebel group that government forces killed 71 civilians. More...

Zenawi's forces masscred civilians in Ogaden

June 12 2010 (Aljazeera)-The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF)have accused the government of killing 71 civilians in a military operation last month. More...


The Meles-TPLF Regime’s May 23, 2010, Shame and Fraudulent Election Embarrassed its Foreign Supporters

June 2  2010 (OLF)- Meles/TPLF regime’s May 23, 2010, sham and fraudulent election vindicated the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and embarrassed its foreign supports. Read full content...

SLF: Statement on the occasion of inocent Sidama’s Massacre in Hawassa eight years ago;The Commemoration of 24 May 2002 bloody Massacre.

May 24 2010 (SLF) Once again we honour our fallen innocent compatriot on the occasion of 8th anniversary Hawassa massacre. Read more....

SLF: Statements on Upcoming National Election in Ethiopia

April 2010 (SLF)The TPLF regime of Ethiopia is disseminating its well versed propaganda machine about the further coming so called national election in May 2010. Read more...

The Unity of People Never Fall

The Sidama and Oromo are same people struggling for common cause. We have been experiencing bitter poison of the EPRDF that divide nations and nationalities since it came to power by barrel of gun in 1991, as the people’s struggle led to downfall of the brutal Dergue regime.

The whole Ethiopian nations hoped to have democracy, freedom and prosperity. But, it never lived longer and the glimmer of hope dimmed instantly by the gun point of  the regime and the worst brutality spread all over the country while all its arsenals roaring against peace loving people who raised the issue of democracy.

Like other nations the Sidamas have been a victim of EPRDF atrocity. To achieve its evil goals that never succeeded, it is a customary for Meles’ regime to use divide and rule system, just to mention some:

§    Denying the existence of people’s political parties and assassinating its leadership

§    Silencing the voice of democracy through intimidation, denying justice, indefinitely putting behind bars and killing opposition leaders

§    Organising its own puppets (the surrogate), messengers  of death

§    Creating clan based political organizations to make division among the same nation

§    Destabilising peace and economy of different nationalities who lived together for centuries in love and harmony

§    Creating divisive boundaries to make separation between people’s integration and unity etc

Many time EPRDF (TPLF) tried to make a conflict among the Sidama and Ormomo in the name of pastoral land and settlement as they did between the Sidama and Wolayita people in Bilate area organised by Ato Hailemariam Desalegn the then president of the Southern Region (Now Meles’ Chief Advisor). Hailemariam Desalegn is also a responsible person for looqe massacre of May 24 2002. At present front runner in destabilising peace among the Oromos and Sidamas is Aba Dula Gemeda, a puppet president of the Oromia region. Aba Dula (or Minase) has been travelling to Wondo Genet area of the Sidama region in order to intimidate the Oromos who lived in the area for centuries in harmony and peace with Sidamas. His evil request to Guji oromo was they never belong to Sidama and should move out of the region either by mobilising them towards the oromia region or creating another artificial boundary. People knew his aim from the very beginning and rejected rather by raising their voice of unity and oneness. As he has been the Woyane’s solder he used his gun and cadres to silence his opposition killing four innocent people, destroy and burning 18 houses and properties. Nevertheless, our people’s unity remains strong as ever.

He tried to pass the blame to OLF and SLF as EPRDF always does to cover up its failure. Furthermore, they pocketed another death squad from the Oromo puppet with thousands of Birr inorder to assassinate the Sidamas who always rejected the EPRDF’s dictatorial rule. One of them is now arrested in Awassa and disclosed his mission how he has been given Eth. Birr 25,000 as an incentive for this purpose.

In spite of all sufferings our people remain united and strong. The Sidama and the Oromo are naturally gifted to resolve their conflict whether it is from within or arranged from EPRDF.

Our message to EPRDF and Aba Dula Gemeda is “STOP KILLING, Harassing and Intimidating Our People for you never win hearts and minds of determined people”.

Our message to our beloved people is that we share your sufferings and pain. We urge you to continue struggling to the down fall of the woyane regime as you had done to Degue regime.

Our message to international organizations is that please do not let  the woyane regime to wash its hands with a blood of innocent people and urge you to put pressure on Meles Zenawi to stand in front of justice for his involvement in massacre, assassination, harassment, intimidation and injustice in all over Ethiopia.


Sidama Liberation Front (SLF)

26 May 2007

The blood of Looqe massacre waters the tree of freedom, democracy and justice.

SLF: Statement on the 5th anniversary of Hawassa massacre.

On Friday 24 May, Five years ago, an act of genocide against Sidama civilian population was perpetrated by brutal regime of Ethiopia. Peaceful demonstrators who demanded their basic rights were gunned down in broad daylight. Over a hundred people, all of them Sidamas were killed and hundreds wounded. This is an act of genocide, because the intent of TPLF and its surrogates who decided to undertake this action was to eliminate the Sidamas, or part of Sidamas who would like to live in Hawassa city and retain their city.

Those who ordered the massacre still at large or none of those authorities have brought into justice, as no independent investigation was conducted. Therefore, instead of attending to the demands of the people, the TPLF dominated EPRDF government of Ethiopia which is one man band continued its business as usual style of repression while the people’s case cries for justice. Displacement, detention, torture and harassment of the Sidama people seem to be the response. More and more civilians, students, professionals and business people are rounded up, arrested or made to disappear. As it had not been stopped, the regime had conducted massacre on the Anyuwack of the Gambela, Oromos, Ogadense and on the supporters of the CUD in Addis and in entire country. The regime is perpetrating another round of cross border massacre on Somalis in their own land whose symptoms are all too clear the way for having international licences to commit genocide in Horn of Africa.

It must be clear for all that the root causes of the massacres were primarily the regime’s inability to take into consideration the people’s demand or its inbuilt contempt for their opinion leading to dictatorial decisions without asking the consent of the people. Secondly, the worry about spread of terrorism in horn of Africa, made western powers reluctant to say no for genocide further it appears its act is equated as good experience to employ the regime for mercenary job to topple the Somali government that has sound acceptance by Somali public at large.

All these acts of political blunder contradict the very constitution of the EPRDF. They indicate the violation of constitutional right of the people to organise protest. Above all, it indicates the brutality of the regime for whom human life is not worthy of protection, but easily dispensable in the process of destruction. It is in this context that ousting the Sidamas from their city can be explained.

As the leading organization of Sidama in their journey to freedom and democracy, SLF keenly concerned about what has happened and is happening in Sidama, Oromia, Ogadenya, Gambela and on the entire Horn of Africa. What has happened on 24 May 2002 is something unthinkable by conscionable human behaviour. However, we want to remind all that it is exactly the same behaviour which caused appalling famine, conflicts, poverty and misery on massive scale in the country. The people of Addis Ababa and other major cities today are being punished by famine which is unusual in Ethiopian history, as most of Ethiopian famine victims has been at large rural. The cause for most human suffering is devastating political rule which incapacitates the potentials and opportunities of peoples of Ethiopia and including the Horn of Africa.

In the last consecutive years, the Sidama, Oromo, Ogaden, Amhara, Gambela and now Somali people from all walks of life have witnessed growing degradation of living due to the policies directly linked to the regime. We therefore register our grave concern for the welfare of our people and the spectre of destruction haunting the peoples in that part of the Horn of Africa. How ever the blood of innocent civilians, suffering of those who live for their conscious mind like those who are languishing in jails the Oromos, elected leaders of CUD is not without vindication.

The AFD (Alliance for Freedom and Democracy) which is creating frightening nightmare for EPRDF and finally digging the grave for EPRDF’s burial has mobilising force not only heterogeneous national struggles but has uniting effect on cementing meagre differences that might arise from setting priority, among each member organizations. This is the result of the crying blood of martyrs for freedom, justice and democracy.

Therefore, SLF asserts All the Sidama’s; the blood of your sons and daughters the suffering of your heroes will nourish the tree that bears the fruit of freedom, justice, democracy and tranquillity. All the nations of Ethiopia, and the Horn of Africa; The dying EPRDF regime is at its final stage of existence; and even hated by the people whom it claims to represent, the cadres and army who have been perpetuating its existence, who are join their just and respective organizations, SLF, OLF, ONLF, EPPF and others.

Finally, we demand the Ethiopian government’s withdrawal its decision to oust the Sidamas from their city, we demand to restore the grant of regional statehood to Sidamas, stopping physical and mental torture of Sidama nationals, stop creating the ground for another round of massacre, allow people to exercise their human rights, stop dismantling the human and material infrastructures of Sidama, and allow independent, international organizations to investigate the massacre and bring those responsible for justice. And we recognize the international governmental and non-governmental organizations have the moral and legal responsibility for the action of EPRDF government as it has used their financial aid and political support to maintain its existence.


Sidama Liberation Front (SLF).

24 May 2007 


The TPLF’s Genocide Goes Beyond Imagination:

SLF Statement on State Sponsored Terrorism

The TPLF regime of Ethiopia has gone too far by extending its sphere of influence. If any, may be only few have imagined that Meles Zenawi would carry out his genocidal act in a foreign country.

The recent invasion of Somalia by the tyrannical regime of Ethiopia has tripled fold.

The first one is to extend its persecution of the Ethiopians including those who have fled their country to escape from his (Meles’s) brutality at home, and sot refuge in Somalia, in the pretext that the refugees may support various liberation fronts. With this context the regime is proceeding a premeditated genocide on the Oromos and other ethnic groups including Sidamas in Somalia.

The second aim for Meles is to present himself as anti-terrorist (Islamist) Champion, this would enable him to receive large aid from the west (U S A) to maintain his authoritarian rule over Ethiopia, hereby prolonging the misery of Ethiopian people.

The third one is to limit Somalis power. The Ethiopian regime is very anxious to keep the Somalis without central government or at least to keep them with weak and puppet government which would able Meles to control from Addis Ababa.

Having these three ill conceived motives in mind Meles Zenawi shamelessly invaded, a country which lived without central government or conventional army for more than 15 years.

It seems he succeeded at least temporarily for his malicious aim. Consequently he is continuing his genocide of the Oromos in Somalia.

We condemn this barbaric act in its strongest term and urge the international community to condemn and intervene before it gets out of control.

Sidama Liberation Front (SLF)

January 24, 2007





This statement refers to the SNLO’s allegation released on its website dated 15th of August 2006 (full text of the statement is attached herewith). The statement alleges the SLF’s rejection of SNLO’s offer for political unity.

SLF hasn’t reacted to SNLO’s approach in this matter from the beginning not because we have nothing to say but we did not want to say it in the way SNLO did. We decided to treat the issue as internal affairs of the Sidama nation and didn’t want to expose it to the outside world, as we believed that the matter could be resolved internally. But since the SNLO decided to go public to use this opportunity to defame and blame SLF for its sinister plans and wanted to use this particular case to compensate for its political loss, we are forced to explain the matter to the Sidama public and our struggle partners in a greater detail

SLF is not interested in engaging itself in unnecessary confrontation with anybody particularly with such an irresponsible and disorientated individuals. But in the interest of informing the truth to the oppressed Sidaama people, who is the owner of the liberation struggle that the SLF is spearheading and our respected struggle partners, we found it necessary to present the whole picture of the issue, thereby to protect all our stakeholders from misleading and confusing information coming from the sources whose sole aim is to discredit SLF and solicit the support and recognition from Sidama people and other opposition political parties.

It is SLF’s best interest and policy to work in unison with like-minded organizations. We also advocate inter and intra national unison of opposition political organizations (wherever applicable) for synergic effect towards weakening our common enemy. It was this basic belief that has led the SLF to accept the opposition parties’ call for alliance and sign an agreement with Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (AFD) formed in May 2006 between 5 major opposition parties.

To take this agenda further, SLF extended invitations to all Sidaama nationals at home and in diaspora to support the newly formed Alliance for Freedom and Democracy and to intensify our liberation struggle against the dictatorial woyyane regime. We are proud of the overwhelming support we are receiving from the heroic Sidamas in this regard. It was through this initiative that we came into contact with an individual who at the latter stage claimed to be affiliated with an organization called SNLO. Before this incidence, SLF had received no communication from SNLO whatsoever. Therefore, SNLO can’t claim sending delegation for talks with SLF, as we haven’t received any authorized person from the organization. It can’t either claim offering for political unity, as we hadn’t talked about this matter before this incidence.

We held a number of meetings with the individual and other Sidamas as part of our initiative to involve all Sidamas in the liberation struggle, in some occasions in the presence of the chairman of SLF. Until the individual revealed his true identity, the discussion was centered on two issues: The first one was the formation of Sidama community in Diaspora. The second one was to organize the Sidama individuals and groups with various political orientations under SLF. Everybody in the audience was in complete agreement with the proposal. It was during the last two meetings that the individual declared himself as if representing SNLO and started evaluating SLF, the organization he had nothing to do with before. It was at this juncture that he presented the preconditions for SLF to meet before entering into the negotiations for political unity between SLF and SNLO. Among the issues be raised, the following standout most:

  1. Regarding the Alliance for Freedom and Democracy. The person stated that the Alliance was initiated by the Eritrean government and CUD (Kinijit) for their vested interest. The SLF has sold Sidamas to Amharas and Eritrea by joining the Alliance.
  2. He claimed that SLF’s agreement with Eritrea and OLF doesn’t protect the interest of Sidama nation.
  3. Southern Ethiopia peoples’ Justice and Equality Front (SEPJEF) is a wrong idea and is against the interest of Sidama people.
  4. Armed struggle of SLF is not timely and the best option.
  5. To forge the political unity with SLF, SNLO will recognize only a chairman of SLF and other positions to be filled by SNLO members.
  6. Before the commencement of the negotiation for political unity, SLF should make available its political programme, organizational structure, constitution and all agreements signed with governments and political parties such as OLF, ONLF etc.



  1. The allegation leveled against SLF by SNLO representative (if what he claims is true), particularly on SLF’s relationship with OLF, ONLF, AFD and others, is baseless and an insult to the Sidama people, SLF and our struggle partners. SLF firmly believes that the relationship we have with our struggle partners is based on mutual interest and guarantees the realization of our peoples’ ambitions.  Therefore, SLF strongly advises, SNLO to retract these allegations in writing
  2. The criticism forwarded against SLF by SNLO representative on its operations is uncalled for and irresponsible act on the part of the person, because the person had no idea of SLF’s operation. SLF strongly advises SNLO to withdraw this criticism and present an apology to SLF.
  3. The allegation of SLF being only one man- one computer’ what a self-contradiction! When SNLO claims to have requested SLF for greater political unity, it accepts SLF as an important and institutionally strong organization. But when it fails to achieve its plans, SLF becomes insignificant in the eyes of SNLO. On one hand SNLO accuses SLF for refusing to make available the necessary documents to SNLO to review SLF’s organizational strength, on the other hand SNLO rushed to make conclusions on the organizational status of SLF as if it has reviewed the documents it had requested for. This is simply another insult to the organization as a whole. One man can’t be an organization. The SNLO’s selfish intention is clear. To take-over SLF’s “empty house” and fill it with its “capable” members. Desperate for power. SNLO knows very well about SLF’s organizational strength but doesn’t want to accept it. SLF’s accession into the newly formed Alliance for Freedom and Democracy is the best indicator of its organizational strength. SLF was accepted to the alliance because it had met all the organizational criteria required of member parties and was able to nominate competent personalities to represent the organization in the alliance.
  4. SNLO’s request for documents shows political immaturity of its leadership. In the first place, how does SNLO know whether SLF had signed a memorandum of understanding with any organization? Secondly, if the documents existed, how can it request to review them before it joins SLF? Thirdly, even though we agreed to unite, it wouldn’t be SNLO to review SLF’s organizational status, but it would be the other way round.
  5. The chief architects of SNLO used to be members of SLF. It is not clear to SLF why they had to leave the organization. SLF doesn’t recall any incidence where issues taken up for discussion and disagreement occurred which could be cited as a reason for their departure.
  6. SNLO has been fighting SLF instead of Sidama enemy. A number of examples can be mentioned here. 1. SNLO has made a dangerous but unsuccessful attempt to disband SLF’s troops from its base. 2. SNLO has been using every opportunity to discredit SLF before Sidama people and our struggle partners. The baseless allegation leveled against us now is a typical example of such act.

To emphasis, as we have stated earlier, SLF is for peace, unity and co-operation among the freedom fighters and peace lovers.

Finally, we hope the above clarification will remove the smear campaign launched against good name of Sidama Liberation Front by the so called SNLO, and we urge the Sidama people and friends to distance themselves from such impostors. 

 SLF Executive Committee

24th August 2006




Statement Issued by Sidama Liberation Front inCommemoration of Sidama Massacre.

On May 24 2002, at mid-day, about ten thousand unarmed Sidama civilians took out to the streets at Locke village, the outskirts of Awassa, to express their concern against the violation of their rights over their self-administration by the Ethiopian government. The government responded to their demand with a PKM machine gun mounted on vehicle by its military forces that killed over one hundred civilian Sidamas, one-third of whom were school children from the surrounding villages.

Following the massacre, a special military force from the Federal government replaced regional police forces and carried out massive arrests and intimidation in all parts of Sidama by expelling and arresting local authorities and the police who voiced against the Massacre.

Since then, Sidamas all over the world have been appealing to various international communities the fact that the cause and the manner of the demonstration was constitutional, and the response from the government was so unjust that the criminals and the authorities be brought to justice. As a result of the strong pressure put by, particularly, the European Union and member states, and the national and international human rights and political organisations and the media, the level of detention was reduced. However, the killers and those responsible for the killings have not been brought to justice, rather, they have been allowed to enjoy impunity and promotion for their implementation of the tight Federal orders. The Federal authorities and their accomplices in the Southern Region, particularly, Hailemariam Dessalegn, Shiferaw Shigute, and Mellese Marimo are enjoying renewed promotion for their second betrayal of  Sidama’s decision to assume regional status.

Surprisingly, the remaining detainees have been made to languish through improper procedures; civilians and local authorities and the police who opposed the massacre lost their jobs and suffered all sorts of allegations; the families of the victims left in anguish and destitution; all local institutions, government and non-government alike, have been put in the hands of political pundits who only obey the Federal orders. As a result justice for Sidamas is not only delayed but also denied.

The Sidama community everywhere understands the global situation that could distract the attention of the influential international community on one hand, and the approach of the atrocious Ethiopian authorities to “help fight terrorism” on the other. However, we feel that it is equally important for the international peaceful community to recognise that Ethiopian authorities are doing this to disguise the domestic terror perpetrated by themselves against civilians in order to silence any dissent and protect their political renegades.

Therefore, Sidamas around the globe commemorate the 4th year of Sidama Massacre with a saddened heart because the anguish and grief of the victims’ families and the suffering of those who voiced against the crime is not yet addressed; at its worst, the Federal Government is harassing and silencing those who voice for freedom and democratic order in Sidama. Once again, the Sidama Liberation Front appeals for real justice with great hope that the international community will continue its effort to influence Ethiopian government to stop its Federal grip of Sidama’s local affairs and obey the rule of law that remained only on paper, so that the current plight of Sidama people shall end and justice both delayed and denied shall prevail.

Freedom for the oppressed!!!!!

SLF, May 24, 2006


SLF: Statement Regarding the Prevailing Condition in Sidama:

The present condition in Sidamaland is alarming and tense more than ever before. It generated from accumulated anger of the people related to the question of nationality and self-determination. The regional self-administration or autonomous governance ((kilil) demand had been presented to the government several months ago. Regarding this question the confusing behaviour of the regime however has created unpredictable situation for the Sidama people.

The Sidamas are well aware of the devious and deceptive nature of the Ethiopian regime.  When the Sidama people delivered undeniable blow to the regime during the May 2005 election was not only shocked but experienced a humiliating defeat. It (the regime) quickly resurrected the long neglected demand of the people, in order to deceive the Sidama people once again. The regimes cadre started to preach their unholy gospel (lie) to the people. They openly admitted that they had mistreated the Sidama people in the past and promised that they would learn from their mistakes. Thereafter declared and signed agreement to give back the Sidamas their town, Awassa, which was forcefully taken away by federal administration, as well to answer the Sidama’s demand for regional self-administration (kilil). Those cadres swore and accepted the Sidama’s cultural blessing or curse depending on the deeds that they act upon either positive or negative. But all these evaporated just few weeks after as they claimed a false victory on general election. Among them (cadres) few stood firm to their wards on the side of the mass, while those belly and position mongers ignored their covenant and betrayed their own people.

Now they are talking very loud to prevent Sidamas from becoming a kilil. Many puppets are scattered in Sidama zone to propagate that PM Meles Zenawi did not accept the issue of Sidama’s regional status. Thousands of Birr distributed to those cadres, if necessary to bribe some influential elders to silence them from speaking about kilil. But the elders rejected this bribe and cursed those lying surrogates. Since this didn’t work, they turned to harassment and intimidation as their main duty. When Sidama people dismissed their propagation and resisted harassment, they brought over 50, 000 armed troops to share their duty, to terrorize Sidamas. On Thursday 2nd Feb. 2006 those troops entered the school compound in Yirgalem town, beat and injured many students, similar action is being repeated in many places in Sidama zone including the main town, Awassa. Troops are stationed in every spot in Sidamaland. For instance Boricha is relatively a small village, but several hundred troops are roaming around there, why?

We do not understand why so much money spent, labour wasted and innocent people including students who are not even teenagers yet harassed and tortured. What the government does lose if Sidama becomes a kilil? We think this is a minimum concession that the government could offer to the Sidama people.

Sidama contributes more than 40% washed coffee to the national export. Contrary to its contribution to the national wealth, Sidama has been marginalized by past and present rulers of Ethiopian, but Meles Zenawi goes farther than any other. We recall that how Meles Zenawi had massacred over 100 innocent Sidamas in May 24/2002. Stationing over 50, 000 armed forces in the Sidama zone prelude to another massacre. We believe he is now in preparation for another slaughter. Therefore, we appeal to the international community to intervene before innocent people are butchered.

Finally we encourage the Sidama people to stand firm for your courageous demands for resolute results. Our gallants are determinant to carry out your struggle until accomplished.

Sidama Liberation Front: SLF     

February 11, 2006 


TPLF dominated government of Ethiopia has left no stones unturned so that it can extend its tyrannical rule in the country.

The regime continues to kill in mass/massacre, torture, imprison, and harasses the Sidama people since it came to power by gun in 1991. In the recent crackdown the regime has locked up many Sidamas (mostly students) in the Billate military camp. Now the regime is not only in trouble, but it is in absolute confusion after the devastating defeat of the May election even through it claimed false victory. Its confusion is manifested by the fact that while it continues to terrorize our people on one hand and on the other hand trying to bribe them. The regime is sending a wrong message to the people. Consequently they failed to regain the hearts and minds of the mass.

The Sidamas never bowed to those naked aggressors today or in the past, they rather intensified their struggle more than the regime anticipates.

Today the regime is busy as ever:

1)      Elevating some Sidama puppets whom they consider would serve their vicious aims against the interest of Sidama people. But would those elevated betray their own people for temporary advantage? Do they remember what happened to their predecessors? Where are they now?

2)      They started to bribe the Sidama farmers to gain support they have hitherto lost, they have began to distribute a few cents to the farmers, they also sot   out to decrease the farmer’s taxes. Seeking this type of action shows how far the regime is behind from the farmers on its tactics and strategy. Even with this belated maneuver the rural people refused to discuss with any of officials from government side on any issue unless their question about regional administration (killil) is properly settled. Farmers told the woreda and zonal officials that they would take the harshest possible measure if they come again to them with the notorious ruler’s agenda.

All these efforts are diversionary methods to sabotage legitimate question of the Sidama and to remove them from their homeland and cities such as Hawassa and other major towns and re-distribute the land among themselves  and their cronies. We like to remind the Sidama farmers that the regime is doing all these not because they liked you, neither it is a good will gift, but they are forced to do so as the result of your unflinching struggle.

Finally, we urge the Sidama people to intensify their resistances as there is no victory without struggle.

 Sidama Liberation Front

  30 November 2005     

Ethiopia’s Election and TPLF Sabotage

SLF Statement on Ethiopia’s Election Result:

Enthusiastic innocent Ethiopian politicians and their supporters, who could not detect the true nature of TPLF, hoped that the May 15 election would dawn democracy and justice result the country. Many among those who participated in the election believed that they won election outright. They even set up frenzy of short lived celebrations inside and outside Ethiopia.

Meanwhile TPLF conducted overt and covert tactics to take away even the few seats the opposition thought they won. TPLF sabotaged the election count. Hence they delayed the election result for over three months. In clear day light, in front of international observers they rigged the vote of Ethiopian left and right making sure their calculated result gives them 2/3 majority. During this long delayed so called investigation the TPLF claim of ‘Victory’ showed its real color which changed many times over like chameleon.

‘Victory’! is it through ballot? ‘No Chance Charlie’. Every Ethiopian knows that TPLF will never win real election. We know how TPLF/EPDRF came to power in 1991. It was through barrel of gun and same gun is keeping them in power.

We made our stand clear and advised our people and friends not to participate in this bogus election just to legitimize the regimes malicious policy (see SLF statement of 18 Feb. 2005 regarding May 15 election).

During and after election some opportunist, ‘who call themselves politicians’, tried to miss-lead the Sidama people in the name of SLM. But the Sidamas stood firm and never allowed those confused to confuse them. They rather demanded their constitutional rights to exercise their regional self-administration.

We are convinced that now most Ethiopian people will understand that the TPLF regime doesn’t comprehend the language of democracy and justice. Then, is there any other alternative? Yes, there is one alternate, just one ‘struggle’.

Therefore, we call upon all opposition groups of Ethiopia to join us for struggle (including armed struggle).

Sidama Liberation Front (SLF)  

28 September 2005      

SLF Statement on the Ethiopia’s upcoming election.

The widely expect and anxiously waited election, rather selection is due in May 2005.

The TPLF/EPRDF government of Ethiopia pretends relaxed and hopeful. Nevertheless, this indicates its very dangerous and well calculated approach to confuse others. Many people including international communities tend to believe that this election would be better than its previous ones. And many parties (more than 70) have registered to contest this election. But the reality is far from it.

We do not see any convincing evidence that the regime has changed its attitude towards democratization, human rights and freedom of expression. Opposition groups are till being harassed, persecuted and imprisoned because of their political opinions. Many political prisoners are languishing in various prison houses without trial.

The main hindrance for free and fair election in Ethiopia is the so-called ‘election commission’ which is appointed by the ruling party and filled with its own cadres. Unless this arbitrary commission is abolished and replaced by genuine one free and fair election cannot take place in Ethiopia. The other obstacle for free election is, the TPLF doctrinaire (mould shaped) soldiers or militias which are scattered in every village in the country not to enforce law and order but to hunt down and terrorize everyone who opposes the destructive policy of the regime. Unless these conditions are changed free and fair election cannot take place in that devastated land.

Therefore, participation in such election has no meaning except legitimatization the tyrannical rule of the Ethiopian regime.

Consequently, we advise our and others peace loving people and any democratic forces in any part of the country not to take part in this hideous election.    


Sidama Liberation Front

18 FEBRUARY, 2005


The Brutal Regime of Meles Zenawi Continues to Subdue the Sidamas!            Many Arrested in Alleged Possession of Explosives!

From the outset, Meles’s strategy to ensure the undisputed power of TPLF over the nations of Ethiopia was and is to subjugate the nations such as Sidama, Oromo, Ogadenia and others, which he believes as a threat to his power. This plan is being implemented through various means:

  1. Establishing the surrogate parties through buying sell-outs from different nations and nationalities, which materialize the orders from above.
  2. Attempting (futile though) to destroy the struggle of the nations for national self-determination.
  3. Overtaking the administration of the major towns to control the economic activities and political movements, which are not in line with TPLF/EPRDF’s policy.
  4. Frightening the nations by killing, imprisoning, torture and dismissing from their jobs.
  5. Destroying the facilities that symbolize the nations; in the case of Sidama, Ritual places, development organizations, and language, a few to mention.

In a recent development, Meles’s regime came up with well-calculated excuse to harass, terrorise and imprison the Sidama people in mass as it happened after the May 24/2002 incidence of Awassa Massacre. Early in September 2004, 5 people were imprisoned for allegedly found in possession of explosives. The detainees are:

1. Tasfesse Shallamo -----------------A teacher from, Yirgalem

2. Fekadu Baso -------------------------Businessman, Yirgalem

3. Shura Chachara ---------------------Civil Servant, Hagereselam

4. Yohannes Amanuel and other ---(Both students) from Awassa

The ‘Voice of EPRDF’ Walta Information Agency- released that explosives have been smuggled into the country from Kenya to attack 3 towns in Sidama; Awassa, Yirgalem and Hagereslam. This is a sheer lie. No Sidama is out to destroy his/her own land (towns) but defend it. It has been discovered that the EPRDF’s policemen secretly placed the explosives (bombs) in the houses of the detainees and claimed that they are caught red-handed.

The intention of this act is clear. Firstly, the Woyane (TPLF) and its surrogate parties are well aware that the EPRDF government has lost legitimacy from the public and fears that the party would lose in the upcoming general election. The only way it thinks to win the election is by strengthening its fist on the influential people to frighten and give a clue of the consequences if someone does not vote for them or tries to oppose them. Secondly, it also determined to discourage the Sidama people from supporting the oppositions through the allegation of masterminding the attempted attack on the Sidamas. The Woyanes are deceiving the Sidamas trying to appear as if they are safeguarding the Sidamaland from attackers. The reality is the other way round. The Sidamas have shed their blood and lost lives to defend their land from the Weyane attackers. This act of the TPLF is the continuation of the well-planned attack on the Sidamaland and the people.

The SLF condemns this barbaric action being inflicted on the freedom-seeking people by the Weyane regime, and calls upon the Sidama people and other peace loving nations within the country to stay resolute in the face of atrocities of power mongers and continue their struggle for freedom, peace and democracy. We also call upon the international communities to employ its mechanisms at hand to discipline the TPLF (EPRDF) government to stop the gross violation of human rights in the country and ensure that all prisoners arrested without genuine fact, but with false charges to be released.

Sidama Liberation Front (SLF)

4 October 2004        



The decaying TPLF (EPRDF) regime of Ethiopia continues to intimidate, harass and terrorise the Sidama people in their homeland. In fact, since blindly decided massacre of Sidama people at Loqqe village near Awassa (Hawassa) town on 24 May 2002, thousands of Sidamas have been locked-up in horrifying prisons. Even though many were released after long torture and ill treatment as a result of international pressure, still some are languishing in prisons in addition to those long time sufferers for unrelated cases to the Awassa massacre, in the name of “red-terror”.

 The only reason why the victims are kept in the prison is to be scapegoats so that the real murderers and those involved in massacre remain in their position being rewarded for their evil actions.

 It is recalled that many Sidama intellectuals and businessmen fled the country due to undemocratic government and unsound administration of the EPRDF. Furthermore, the Awassa massacre inflamed the situation and many more forced to leave the country where they are experiencing hardship away from home and families and it has created a brain drain in Sidama. Consequently, the regime is spreading its tyrannical rule all over the country using uneducated, incompetent workers and some other “yes-men”.

 In recent months many Sidamas were forced ironically to evacuate their homeland in the name of resettlement to Bench-Maji, small triangle bordering Kenya, Sudan and Ethiopia that has no access to health, education and drinking water. There is no means of transportation and communication to have a contact with their families and relatives who were left behind. The area is uninhabitable where mercilessly dumped people are exposed to malaria disease and wild beast. In contrary, some Sidama land has been redistributed to the privileged Tigrian settlers.

 We strongly condemn the recent killing of two innocent sidama farmers in the district of Aroressa (Hororessa) by the Ethiopian security (death squads) forces for they resisted and opposed the oppressive rule and tyrannical policy of the regime. Mr. Tadele Kawiso was killed in Lalessa village (kebele) on 15 January 2004, and Mr. Asege Beyene was murdered on 5 February 2004 in Chire-Ba’lo Kebele. Both men were killed in front of their families and other people according to murderers to give a lesson to those oppose the government. All these show that how the regime is determined to terrorise and marginalize the Sidama people.

 At present the regime is in preparation to launch another war on Eritrea and the Sidamas are asked to handover thousands of militia for the same purpose. We advise the Sidamas and other peace loving people neither participate nor provide any precious lives to the warmongering regime. We also ask the international communities and the UN to denounce these improper activities of the Ethiopian government.

 We also urge the donor governments especially the US and EU to reassess their relations to the regime and stop their fat financial aid that is used for human rights abuse in Ethiopia and withdraw their diplomatic support that bolden Meles Zenawi to declare war on neighbouring countries.

 We appreciate non-governmental organizations such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Norwegian Institute of Human Rights, ECHO, etc for their reports that truly reflect the human rights abuse and violations in Ethiopia and their efforts that brought the issue into international scene.

Sidama Liberation Front (SLF)

 16 February 2004

Without a real change in those above mentioned conditions in the country it will not be possible to conduct free and fair election. It is incumbent upon all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopians to stand stead fast and campaign for free and fair election.

With relation to this, SLF would like also to convey a message to those parties who call themselves oppositions and who are hesitantly engaging in taking part in this sham election. We believe that your participation once again is delaying the freedom and human rights blossoming in the country (Ethiopia). Some of you have been calling yourselves opposition party in rubber stamp parliament of Woyane over eighteen years and others at least five or more, and what changes did you bring to your fellow country men? Even the little hand out you are given by TPLF regime has not improved your own individual well being. We believe that the time has come for you to rethink and withdraw from this sham election, if not history will judge you just like your masters the Woyanes.

Finally we would like to emphasis that participation in such election has no meaning except legitimatization the tyrannical rule of the Ethiopian regime.

Consequently, we advise our friends, supporters and others peace and democracy loving people in the country not to take part in this hideous election.

Sidama Liberation Front 24th January 2010